L.A.D. Specialties has been blueprinting motors for over 40 years. Our motors continue to win on a local, regional and national level year after year. With our craftsmen, precision equipment and race experience, we know what it takes to make an engine and clutch perform at their best. We have a solid reputation for customer service, because with our knowledge and extensive stock of 2 cycle parts, you get your equipment done right and done fast.
Please note that all prices listed here are for labor only and do not include parts. Also, please call or email us for pricing to modify any engine for open or stock appearing, 708-430-1588 or scott@ladspecialties.com.

T.A.G. engine complete $375 - $475
ICC complete - includes gearbox $925
Yamaha complete $575
Piston Valve: HPV100, KPV, K-71, Comer P-51, Comer P-50, any JICA $475
Reed Valve: Parilla Reedjet, PCR TSL4K, PCR TSL98, Parilla TT75, any ICA $575
Comer C-51 complete $500
Comer K-80 complete $475
Any rotary valve complete $525
Prepare Rotax complete, includes carb $300
T.A.G. engine complete $285
ICC complete $425
Rotax, top end $85
Rotax, complete $300
Any engine complete (except T.A.G., ICC, Rotax) $265
Upper end, any engine $85
T.A.G. lower end $200
Lower end, any engine (except T.A.G., ICC, Rotax) $160
Comer C-51 $240
Ultrasonic clean parts $10
Rebuild blown up engine call for pricing
base of cylinder perpendicular $60
base & top of cylinder perpendicular $90
base of Comer C-51 cylinder perpendicular $90
bore cylinder four sizes or more $75
bore 100cc cylinder to 55.00mm $110
bore 100cc cylinder to 56.00mm $125
bore 100cc cylinder to 58.80mm $150
hone and fit piston with Sunnen Hone with torque plates $30
acid cylinder to remove aluminum $10 - $30
blueprint Yamaha cylinder $165
grind and polish aluminum in Yamaha cylinder $40
cut piston port piston $5
modify cylinder call for pricing
Machine crankcase to correct bearing pocket misalignment, parallelism and perpendicularity.
To prepare case:
  • remove all studs
  • remove main bearing and seals (optional)
  • assemble both case halves using all case bolts
  • specify if main bearings should be installed upon
  • $95-140
    Resleeve main bearing pockets
  • remove all studs
  • remove main bearings and seals
  • supply with all case bolts
  • $65 ea. half
    Machine case halves for narrowing purposes $24 ea.
    Machine case for liner after narrowing $50
    Install (2) main bearings and seals $24/pair
    Machine top and bottom of C51 crankcase to the centerline of crank plus align bearing pockets $160
    Machine case half on reed valve to accept C.W. ignition $120
    Complete crank job: disassemble, replace cage and clearance rod, assemble and align, check rod for parallelism and twist $50
    Complete Rotax and X30 crank job $75
    Complete crank job to replace caged bearing only $40
    Install crank saver sleeves on any Yamaha crank $15 ea.

    Blueprint WB3A(1) carb, inlcudes boring venturi $75
    Bore WB3A(1) Venturi to .948
    To prepare carburetor:
  • remove throttle shaft
  • $20
    Blueprint WA55 carb $50
    Bore WA55 venturi to .439 $20
    Blueprint Mikuni or Tillotson gas carb $75
    Blueprint WB3A(1) for alky, includes needle and seat $120
    Blueprint C51 carb $30
    Blueprint Rotax carb $45
    Rebuild any carb $20

    Blueprint Horstman, L&T and Tomar sprint clutch
  • includes cylindrically grinding the pressure plate and backing plate
  • $65
    Cylindrically grind any sprint clutch $50
    Blueprint SMC axle clutch $110
    Blueprint Horstman axle clutch $105
    Cylindrically grind Horstman axle clutch pressure plate $60
    We use a 54" x 96" flat steel (5500#) table to perform any chassis set-up work.
  • check caster
  • check camber
  • check toe with driver in kart
  • check ride height
  • check corner to corner dimensions
  • scale
  • all gauges provided
    Cursory kart check on table $100
    Any work performed $50/hour/man

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